Leda - unique pieces made of deer skin

Leather is like a second skin - it protects and every skin is different!

I started with white well-fitting leather pants. Meanwhile, I have been working with leather for 25 years. This material leather together with my design and craft have never lost its fascination for me and the white pants were only the first of many other leather pieces. During my first years with leather I experimented with different types until I found out that deer skin is my favourite leather. After a while I found a Chamois tannery near Dresden. Since then I have been working exclusively with vegetable and chamois tanned deer skin from this tannery. Our good cooperation provides me with wonderful coloured and treated leather pieces so that I can transfer my ideas of beauty into reality.

My favourite leather has everything I need: softness and volume for an outstanding finished piece. I am always in a dialogue with these precious skins, the nature of every skin defines the design.

I developed three basic designs - two for jackets and coats and one for pants. There are variations of those designs. My leather clothes have no conventional clothing sizes, the unique designs are favourable for small sizes as well as for bigger ones. I use high-quality lining and soft yarns and each piece has a beautiful button of horn or wood. The buttons are handmade in my workshop.

My fashionable leather clothes are timeless and determined for individual customers who like the unique.

Because every skin is different!